Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Morning Glory.

Morning sweeties.

I still havent had any breakfast today, but well. I kinda woke up late. After the workout on Monday my upper body is soo stiff and tender, just been too long since I last did strength on breasts and arms. Good thing I just did jogging yesterday so I atleast got a working lower body. :p

I'm actually nitting at the moment. That's something I havent done for years and I started nitting when I was pretty young to concentrate more in classes as I used to have huge concentration problems. Now I just needed something to calm down and I saw this awesome colour in the store. Thinking of just making a scarf to my mum out of it as I can't wear anything with that much wool in it. But I think it would look good on her.

Anyway, today's plan is to do some "homework" if you can call it that and later I'm going to exercise. This week I'm going to exercise every day, I've been way to lazy the past two weeks. I might be thin, but I still don't have the fit body I want for the summer.

What's you plans for today? :)

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