Thursday, February 16, 2012


So there's a few (or many) things that I've seen latley that I just can't get my thoughts off! My boyfriend thinks I'm going crazy about this stuff, but just look at them!

This is from H&M, couldn't find the price though.
These shoes are from and costs around £170. Exspensive I know, can probably find shoes with the same look for a cheaper price if i really go for it.

These are from and the price is £35. Not too bad, but its sold out. Gotta try find something familiar here.

I really LOVE this skirt. It used to be found on, but its not there anymore. If anyone know where I could get one of these, I'd be really happy. 

Theres LOADS more I wish I'd had, but these are at the top of the list right now.



  1. do fake Lita's for £35.


  2. Hi! i think you can find this skirt or something like this on :)
    And I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes so gorgeous<3

  3. I'm sorry, my comment may not be appropriate haha,
    but I didn't understand why you don't understand what I write in my blog? Is my English so bad?:D

  4. Forever 21, have similar skirt, cold stone fox may have similar one as well...I do have one from cold stone fox, it is a shorts.

  5. I need to be apart of your wish list asap lol i love these items. Once i get rich they will surely be in my closet.

    Kami from

  6. Love the H&M top !
    Follow each other?